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Our Signature Program


Flourish Abroad's full-immersion program is tailored to meet the individual interests and needs of relocating partners. Whether it's meeting for a coffee or taking part in our weekly calendar of activities, we invite you to experience the quality of life you deserve while becoming acquainted with your new city.


Our communication begins as soon as your relocation to Melbourne is confirmed. Moving to a new country can be an overwhelming endeavor, so what better way to start your new assignment than to have a fellow expat ready to introduce you to your new city upon arrival!


The CQ component of our program is interactive and brings your new surroundings

to life. It establishes a foundation of familiarity that allows you to seamlessly engage in your new community and develop new friendships with people in a similar situation. As your personal concierge, I ensure a successful integration experience for my fellow expat.


"On the Go"


Our individual sessions over a coffee, or a walk, provide the benefits of wellbeing and support outside a sterile office setting. Providing an objective, neutral space to address concerns as they arise can often bring resolution to situations before they become problems.  


The benefits of this approach are many:

  • Opportunities to become familiar with local neighbourhoods

  • Experiencing nature and the outdoors while we discuss any concerns 

  • Remaining active and socially engaged during the transition

  • It promotes good coping strategies and a healthy way to decrease stress while providing a positive benefit to both their physical and mental health

Group Activities


Matched to some of the best tour companies in Victoria, we offer group activities with other expats to experience the major sights, stunning architecture, and cultural heritage of Melbourne.


Tours include: 

  • historical monuments

  • laneway tours

  • street art 

  • current exhibitions at local galleries

  • natural landscapes

  • unique culture

  • picnics in the Botanic Garden

  • and more...

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