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My background and experience

As an expat myself, I understand how difficult it is to adjust to life without the family, friends, and career you've left behind. As Vice President of the American Women's Association for three years and my professional work with relocating partners, I have seen consistently how crucial the sense of belonging is to a successful adjustment.

On average, it takes more than a year to comfortably transition to a new environment and for many people, this brings feelings of vulnerability, uncertainty, and surprising levels of loneliness that catch even the strongest, high-functioning individuals off-guard. I've been there.

That was my motivation for creating Flourish Abroad. A welcoming integration experience that was needed, but didn't yet exist.

With a professional background in psychology, my 'on-the-go' concept provides a comfortable environment where fellow expats can get answers to questions and share their challenges while we walk and talk among Melbourne’s café culture, walking trails and popular destinations.

Staying active and socially engaged are the key components of any successful integration, and I take great pride in helping new arrivals establish roots and experience a sense of home so that they can truly flourish while they're in Melbourne.

B.A. Psychology,  M.S. Counselling,  Certified International Health Coach  
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